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Wide-Neck Bifurcation System

Aneurysm Remodelling Device

  • Neck Bridging

    • Deployment is as effective as the most deliverable neuro stent
    • Full retractable & repositionable prior to detachment
    • Non-migrating design prevents inadvertent movement of device
    • One size serves a wide spectrum of aneurysm and neck sizes
  • Unique Spine Rib Design

    • Applicable to both bifurcations and sidewall aneurysms
    • No need to enter the fragile aneurysm sac
    • Ability to cross for coiling
    • Non-shortening
  • Ideal For Bifurcation

    Bridges the neck, resulting in:

    • Significant flow diversion
    • Effective coil retention
    • Mitigated water hammer effect
    • Provides platform for endothelial growth
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