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Silk Vista

Self-expandable flow diverter

Designed for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms.

  • Leading design, towards more control.

    Bringing a high wall apposition force* for a similar chronic outward force
    To improve wall apposition while ensuring an atraumatic & smooth opening of the stent

    Homogenous stent surface
    Improved compared to previous generation of FD*

    Escalating flow diversion*
    Thanks to an increased mesh density of the 48 braided wires


    *Internal data available

  • Upgraded navigability, widening opportunities.
    All references are delivered through a .021’’ catheter for Ø up to 5,00mm unconstrained.

  • Advanced drawn filled tubes technology.
    To enhance the radiopacity of each & every wire of the stent.

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