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High Pressure Drug Eluting Balloon


Since the end of 2006, Aachen Resonance GmbH has produced drug-eluting balloons (DEB). Through intense research and accompanied by scientific studies, Aachen Resonance GmbH has constantly developed their drug-eluting balloons from the beginning, and thus brought in line with the latest scientific findings and requirements.



  • Homogenous coating

  • Drug Matrix (three layers SNOW, ICE and SEALING).

  • Balloon with 360 Degree coating coverage.

  • No additional substances.

  • No Drug Chunk spreading – during inflation – Important for Neurovascular use.

  • Drug Transfer only at 6 atm.

  • Drug eluting balloons with a diameter of 1.5 mm to 14 mm and a length of 1 cm to 25 cm.

  • Target Release Modus (TRM) – Drug is released only at minimun 4 bar inflation and contact to vessel wall.

  • Wide spectrum of applications.

Aachen Resonance

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