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Novel percutaneous introducer


DuraSheath is a novel percutaneous introducer. Thanks to the most modern manufacturing process, DuraSheath has outstanding product characteristics that brings with it clear advantages in daily routines.


  • Easy insertion
    The tapering tip and the seamless transition from shaft to dilator enable DuraSheath’s smooth insertion.

  • Kinck resistance
    Precise wire development and use of modern materials produce a high impact kink resistance, thereby protecting the lumen insertion from deformation and preventing migration during the procedure.

  • Diameter
    Despite a reduced wall thickness, thanks to wire reinforcement and novel materials Durasheath has a smaller outside diameter and larger internal diameter as a comparable EFB.

  • Surfaces
    The materials used and a special manufacturing processes give DuraSheath are extremely smooth surface. The first distal 15 cm are hydrophobically coated.

  • Top
    The tip is atraumatic, and thanks to distal marking tape provides superb radiopacity.

  • Datachable hemostatis valve
    The color-coded, detachable three-way hemostasis valve facilitates handling.


  • Dilatator
    The dilator with a firm but atraumatic tip allows a safe vessel procedure. Snapping into the Luer lock prevents dilator slippage during insertion.

  • Dimension
    DuraSheath’s broad-ranging product portfolio allows working safely during various peripheral interventions.

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