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Barricade Coils

Barricade Coils

Barricade Coils

Barricade Coils - developed specifically for Cerebral Aneurysms

Blockade Medical is dedicated to the development of catheter based therapeutic devices for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms. The Company is committed to bringing products to market that are not only current standards of care in the neuro interventional field but also innovative next generation solutions to complex interventional neurovascular procedures.


  • Barricade SR Framing Coil

    – Delivers a stable basket with excellent neck coverage.

    – Complex shape available in 10 and 18 systems:

    10 system available in a size range of 2mm-10mm

    18 system available in a size range of 6mm-15mm

  • Barricade Helical SR Filling Coil

    – A helical coil which provides efficient packing.

    – Available in a size range of 3mm – 10mm.

  • Barricade Helical SR Finishing Coils

    – Extremely soft and compliant finishing coils with excellent microcatheter stability currently available on the market.

    – Best in class deliverability profile with minimal microcatheter movement.

    – Comprehensive size range of 1mm x 1cm to 6mm x 10cm

  • Barricade Complex SR Finishing Coils

    -Best in class softness available in a complex shape.

    -Complex shape designed to seek and find space.

    -Size range of 1mm – 5mm.

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