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Dynamic Neuro-Thrombectomy Net

The Stream™ Net empowers physicians with full device control and excellent visibility to make real-time adjustments during a thrombectomy procedure.


  • Prevent Collapse in Tortuous Anatomy

    • Dynamic wall apposition with the ideal balance of flexibility and rigidity.
  • See the Complete Picture

    • Braided net with excellent visibility under fluoroscopy.
  • Efficient Clot Retention

    • The braided net employs three methods to securely anchor and capture the clot during retrieval.
    • Radial Force generates friction between the clot and the device grip.
    • Pinching Effect created by diameter adjustments that change the angle between net wires.
    • Cross-Wire Entanglement within overlapping braided wires ensnares the clot.
  • Precise Manipulation

    • The Stream’s unique handle uses an intuitive and ergonomic design
      to translate forces while providing optimized tensile feedback.
      • Free mode allows continuous adjustments.
      • Auto-lock mode allows incremental adjustments.
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